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About The Breed

The Border Collie was developed in the Border lands between Scotland and England.

It was the work of a man called Adam Telfer that saw the breed become what we know today. His dog "Old Hemp" a Tri colour dog was born in September 1893 and died in May 1902. He was bred from Roy, a black and Tan dog and Meg a Black-coated, strong-eyed dog.

Hemp was a quiet, powerful dog that sheep responded to easily. Many shepherds used him at stud and his working style became the Border Collie style. All pure Border Collies alive today can trace their ancestral lines back to Old Hemp.

Border Collies were imported into New Zealand and Australia in the early 1900's.  Now Border Collies can be seen in most parts of the world.


The Border Collie is considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Although the primary role of the Border Collie is a working stock dog, they are widely becoming increasingly popular as pets. True to their working heritage the Border Collies make demanding and energitic pets that require an active household that will make time for energetic play and regular mental stimulation. Dog sports such as Obedience and Agility are great activities for Border Collies, with all the family from the young to the elderly able to take part. Of course the Border Collie is a star at these sports with many awards and Championship titles going to this wonderful breed.


Because of the Border Collies energetic play and hard work ethic, conditions such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia are a concern in the breed. The breed average hip score for the Border Collie is 8.18. This is a fairly low score with regards to other breeds. Most reputable breeders now Hip and Elbow score to ensure the breed average stays as low as it is, with the hopes of many breeders to make it even lower.


There are three genetic conditions that are seen in the Border Collie that we can DNA test for. These are Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA),  Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL) and Trapped Neutrophil syndrome (TNS).

Thanks to the availability of these DNA tests we have been able to see a marked decline of these conditions in this wonderful breed. There now is no reason for Border Collies to be affected by these three conditions.



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Borderstrand Border Collies,Border Collies, Border Collie Breeders"
Borderstrand Border Collies,Border Collies, Border Collie Breeders"
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