Welcome to Borderstrand Kennels.


 We were established in 1989. We have strived to breed beautiful, healthy Border Collies that conform to the ANKC breed standard. 

Our founding dogs were the stunning Hollowbold Beaus Pride "Bobby" and the beautiful Shacour Blue Jean "Jeannie". They were excellent family dogs who enjoyed their life on our acreage property on the outskirts of Brisbane.

Bobby was a farm dog, he loved nothing more than herding our Guinea fowl and going on rides with me and my horse "Rosie".  Jeannie was a quieter dog that preferred to lay around the house getting all the pats and titbits.

We had a surprise with their second litter, they gave us some Chocolate and White puppies. Although Jeannie was a Blue dog we had no idea that the Chocolate gene was behind her and Bobby. At that time the Chocolate Border Collie was little known about and we would find it difficult to find homes for these puppies. Nowadays that has all changed, with this beautiful colour becoming very popular.

We still have one of Bobby and Jeannie's pups with us today.  Borderstrand Bronze King. Our beautiful Bailey is a kind loyal dog that has shown herding instinct and has a large fan base here and abroad. He will be 12 years old in January 2014. He is the patriarch around here now, with his daughters and grandsons and granddaughters all keeping him young at heart.


                              Long live the King.

Rip Bailey





      Cyan and Wilson at play    

    Borderstrand Bronze King        "Bailey"


From time to time we have litters available. Please click on puppy availability to find out more.

Borderstrand Border Collies,Border Collies, Border Collie Breeders"

Border Collie Health

Breeding healthy dogs is a priority here at Borderstrand. We Hip and elbow score and DNA test our breeding dogs. We update our DNA as new tests become available.

 Borderstrand Border Collies

Border Collie Breeders

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Borderstrand Border Collies,Border Collies, Border Collie Breeders"